First Peak Surf Video-

First Peak Surf Video

SURFER surf videos – ON THOSE CROWDED BLUEBIRD DAYS AT FIRST PEAK a clean, pulsing north swell in the water, a gentle west wind kissing the wedging peak’s pencil-thin lips—you could hear a sound—pop pop pop pop...



from Matt Kleiner and Red Bull surf videos – “Earlier this year I went on a trip with Red Bull to direct and film an episode of their Chasing the Shot series. This short film is more or less a directors cut of ...



JAWS WIPEOUT – NICCOLO PORCELLA from ACL Digital Cinema surf videos – Heaviest wipeout ever kitesurfing Jaws on Jan 4th, 2016

Winter The Grommet-

Winter The Grommet

Kids are a lot stronger, smarter and kinder than we tend to give them credit for. Case in point: this grom named Winter will warm your heart. Check out “Winter the Grommet” surf videos from Stefan Hunt on

Three Islands Surf Video-

Three Islands Surf Video

Three Islands featuring MICHAEL DUNPHY from Jon Hechtkopf surf videos – FILMED BY LAYNE STRATTON. ADDITIONAL FILMING BY JON HECHTKOPF EDITED BY JON HECHTKOP. If you like great power surfing in tropical perfect waves ...

Odyssey Surf Video-

Odyssey Surf Video

Odyssey from Ben Weiland Surf Videos – Exploration highlights from strange surf locations around the globe. Including footage from RUSSIA, FAROES, Distant Shores.  This hearty bunch did not have to worry about crowd...

Scotch on the Rocks-

Scotch on the Rocks

Monster Energy | Wasted Talent surf videos – Even the best laid plans can and always will go awry on a surf trip. Strange roadside encounters, barren landscapes, suspect charts mixed with dangerous amounts of rum and...