Monster Energy | Wasted Talent surf videos – Even the best laid plans can and always will go awry on a surf trip. Strange roadside encounters, barren landscapes, suspect charts mixed with dangerous amounts of rum and fireworks (we’ve now learnt that letting them off inside a motor-home isn’t for the best) . Enter the accumulation of an idea made after many Kronenbourgs one warm autumn evening in France. For a change we made a plan. Bounced emails, made phone calls, penned the dates, even used ‘excel’ to ‘budget’. Maxed the credit card and went for it. Planning things far in advance isn’t something we are used too, and turning up at the end of a swell is never the easiest to stomach. However having a good time is something we pride ourselves in, and introducing enhanced levels of hedonism on a trip is something we simply must insist on. It was meant to be a traditional Scottish strike, but non co-operative meteorological conditions sent us to new levels of debauchery, and actually, I think we prefer it that way. The swanky tune on the edit is cool.